Monday, December 1, 2008

A Funny Feeling

This morning I left the house without my phone and it wasn't until I was almost at my office that I realized it. The funny feeling was this - I feel like I've left my house wearing a flouncy dress and I have forgotten to put on underwear!

I realize most of us have attachments to our phones; they are the lifelines to our friends and family when we're out and about living our daily lives. But we've become so attached that when we forget them somewhere, they lose battery life, we leave them in a taxi or drop them in a gin and tonic, we feel naked. Hell you might as well cut off our left arm for all the good we're going to be that day without our phone. It's the idea that while I'm without my phone, an important call may just come in and I won't be around to get it!

On the other hand it's also slightly liberating and mildly having a good stiff wind blow right up your dress, sans the underwear.


@manda said...

I HATE that! lol And it bothers me even more that I am so attatched to it!! But I cant tell you how many times I have had to turn around and go get it... luckily I only work 2 miles from home. :)

Fiesty Charlie said...

This totally cracked me up!

Thanks for the visual, by the way!! lol

Princess Pointful said...

It is funny to think that a mere few years ago, we didn't worry about not have this 100% accessibility. It wasn't a big deal to check your voicemail only once a day!

Laura said...

I completely understand that liberated feeling. It's like you're doing something completely reckless.