Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Five Biggest


1) Peanut M&Ms. Seriously I cannot turn these things down and a little weird fact is that I have to eat them in even numbers. I have a slight amount of OCD and it manifests itself in this way.

2) New shoes. I love new shoes and I wear high heels almost all the time. I realize that I'm already 6' tall, but I have no problem being even taller. It comes in handy in a crowded room when you're looking for your friends...or cute guys.

3) Baseball players and musicians. Especially pitchers and piano players! I don't know what it is specifically, but it's a power thing. Pitchers control the pace of a game and musicians have rhythm. Two very excellent qualities in....tennis, umm yeah tennis.

4) Bourbon. It's not like I'm an alcoholic, but I love bourbon. Specifically bourbon on the rocks and I'm discovering more bourbons as I get older. Apparently there is something intriguing about a woman who drinks whiskey.

5) Animals. I can't help it, I'll take animals over kids anyday.

Friday, February 6, 2009

5 Reasons Why.....

My new Aluminum MacBook is better than a boyfriend:

1) He helps me shop. It's all online of course, but he never complains that I'm spending too much time obsessing over one specific pair of shoes.
2) He accessorizes well. The awesome pink cover I bought so my baby doesn't get scratched looks awesome.
3) He's portable. Seriously I can take this boy anywhere and I don't have to worry that he's over in the corner, drinking beer and basically being anti-social.
4) He doesn't cheat. He's password protected, so no floozy is going to take my boy for a spin.
5) Great Memory. I don't have to keep reminding him of all the little things about me: my favorite color, movie, memory, book, etc. He remembers everything!