Thursday, January 22, 2009


I just happened to pick up this book on Sunday at Borders...I was pleasantly surprised to see this review today!

This is essentially a book review, but it is a great social commentary on where sarcasm/snarkiness has taken an ugly turn. True sarcasm gets to the point without ever harming the subject, however the current and most popular use of sarcasm is used with malice and bitterness. Wit and sarcasm in a true sense is a very rare thing these days. Pseudo intellectuals using "sarcasm" to mask true feelings of hate, bigotry, insecurity and jealousy is all the rage these day. I find those who use sarcasm as a mask of insecurity and malice to be in need of a verbal bitch slap...and well, this book is pretty damn close it.

It's unfortunate that I know someone who uses this technique to try and cut others to the quick. It's unfortunate because she is so deeply involved and immersed in a close group of friends. It's unfortunate because I don't think she realizes how it makes her look to others. It's unfortunate because she's never realized the loss of friends and family is due to her use of snark. It's ugly, it's damaging and ultimately it's just plain rude!


Helmey said...

psst.. Doni... slacking

B Squared said...

Rather than use a verbal bitch slap, may I suggest a mule kick. It's faster and has more of an impact.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should give her the book as a gift. She might get the point....if not couple of smacks might do it. hehe