Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Barbie I Can Admire

Seriously, the NASCAR Barbie I just can't understand, but come on a tattooed Barbie is just plain awesome!

I think mothers could use this as a tool for predicting the future escapades of their daughters. If the tattoos are to be placed on the Barbie by the little girls or boys who play with them, then the mothers could predict where their teenage daughters/sons might fall on the "purity" scale.

For instance, if little Janie (we'll call our little heroine Janie) places, say a butterfly, on Barbie's shoulder or ankle, then said mother really has nothing to worry about when her little girls grows up. She'll continue to be pure and chaste and remain a good little girl.

However, if little Janie starts placing tramp stamps, full sleeves and navel tattoos on her Barbie...said mother needs to start googling the nearest convents!

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