Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Economic Stimulus

I found the best use for my $600 economic stimulus check, $300 to the airline industry and $300 to the shoe industry. I figured that in my new world this was an even split between two must haves; half to go to SLC and see the family and friends and half to my feet looking absolutely stunning in four different pairs of uber-sexy heels. I won’t go into detail about the airline ticket, because let’s just face it, airline tickets are NOT sexy. I will however go to great lengths to describe the heels!

1) 4-inch, matte black Nine West heels. Delicately pointed toe with an instep cutout. The four inches really made the heel in this situation. Worn with jeans or a business suit and even this fabulous black dress which I have yet to wear.

2) 3-inch beige and black peep-toe heels. Rounded toe with black around the ankle. Nothing says sexy like peep-toe heels. Very practical considering the sheer amount of neutrals in my closet, currently being worn with a beige suit and black sweater.

3) 3-inch white and beige peep-toe heels. Mostly beige with delicate white detailing around the base and toes, also with a strap around the back of the heel. These are also very practical because I can walk the one mile to work and one mile home from work and not be begging for mercy when I finally make it home. They also go with a fair amount of the summer suits and work attire yet to be brought forth out of the closet.

4) Red, 4-inch spike heels. Need I say more?

Now my only problem is I need another stimulus check to buy new clothes to go with the new shoes.

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