Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Visitation Rights

So my friend Peabody is here to visit and I am so happy about it. We had dinner at a restaurant that everybody has raved about and it did not disappoint; kitschy, quaint and extraordinarily good food! Talking to Peabody was like never having left the salt city. Gossip was the order of the day and this did not disappoint either.

I had already decided that every one of my friends must visit, but now I am making it mandatory. After being grilled on places to go and things to do I discovered that I actually do know this town. I was beginning to doubt myself, alas, as I learn more of the city I can now detail trips to coincide with likes and dislikes. It doesn’t matter what you like; food, shopping, nightlife, jazz or blues…I know where to take you.

Take heed, my friends, I am now your official guide to the Windy City!

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