Friday, May 9, 2008


Being five minutes late for your bus will make you an additional ten minutes late for work.

If you see a cute guy at lunch, at least say hi because in a city this size you may never see him again.

Downtown Chicago on a rainy day is not a good place to be in open-toed shoes.

Skyscrapers can pass for mountains at night... if you squint really hard.

It's actually quite liberating not having a car.

If you're middle-age, short and balding and you're walking down the street with a young Korean girl in a tight dress in the middle of the afternoon - Yes, everybody is staring at you and no, they don't think you must be a cool guy. They think she must be a whore.

Apparently there are certain Starbucks where one should and should not be seen....who knew?

No matter which direction I'm headed I always seem to be going against pedestrian traffic.

Horns should be outlawed!

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