Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nighmare on Barry

Scene opens -

Interior: apartment on Barry
Time: 4:26 AM
Characters: Salt City Miss, SCM's cat Bubba, SCM's Sister and MG's cat Milo
Setting: SCM asleep in bed with earplugs firmly embedded (sis is a major snorer), Bubba asleep on pillow, Sis screaming frantically from living room, Milo stalking Sis in living room.

I was rudely awakened at 4:26 this morning to my sister screaming frantically that Milo was stalking her, swiping at her and generally looking at her like she was breakfast. After she finally burst into my bedroom, startling me and Bubba, I somehow managed to get out of bed, gather up Milo, place him in time-out in his cage and stumble my way back to bed.

Let me just point out, Sis is older than me and obviously larger than Milo. Please explain to me why she felt the need to awaken me at 4:26 in the morning? Please explain to me why, if she knows I wear earplugs when she's staying with me, she thought calling my cell phone was a good idea, even though the living room is right next to my bedroom in a seriously not large apartment? Please explain to me why she couldn't just take care of this all by herself?

I need explanations otherwise I'm going to choke sis and Milo when I get home, because the rude interruption to my sleep this morning is seriously messing with my day!


kel said...

Clearly she has no need to sleep and doesn't realize some of us need it. Desperately.

Nilsa S. said...

So, does this mean I wasn't justified in running to my parents' room when I found not one but two bats in my bedroom when I was in college? Technically I was an adult. And I was certainly larger than the bats.

Latent Image said...

At least she did not text you.

Salt City Mistress said...

@ Kel - agreed

@Nilsa - nope you're justified, one can reasonably assume that bats have rabies, house cats - not so much ;)

@Latent Image - very true, because that would have broken my new texting rules...oh wait I haven't give you all my new texting rules.

Note to self: must post new texting rules.

Bayjb said...

Yikes that's early. I'm skittish about animals too though so I would have maybe done the same thing, during normal hours.

Princess Pointful said...

A little bit overdramatic, I would agree.
However, that is the one thing I don't miss about having a cat-- the early morning stalking!