Friday, September 26, 2008


Some topics that I would like to expand upon, alas it's Friday and I'm just too lazy.

I'm now International - Yep, Salt City Miss has two readers in the UK and Canada- woohoo! Don't know who they are personally, but HI GUYS!

Friends - My UT friends suck lately! OK, not really, I just wanted to see if they're really reading this. LOVE YOU!

Laundry - OMG, it's been piling up for two weeks, I absolutely need to do some wash, it just takes so much time!

Shoes - I have been neglecting my shoes far too often lately and I need to do some fall shoe shopping - it's totally on the schedule!

Social Life - Even without dating anyone special, I'm still doing a lot. Never fret my dears, I am not becoming a hermit!

Dating - OK, I have to clarify, since moving here full-time I have been on dates, but nobody really interesting, at least nobody that I would consider going out with again. That's just to clarify.

Economy - Since I deal with the economy and it's current situation daily for work, I will not bore you with my opinions, and they're educated opinions too!

Politics - Even though I haven't posted about politics at all thus far, let's just say socially I'm about as left as they come! Fiscally I'm to the left of the middle, so...Vote Obama! And let me just say this, when Obama/Biden wins, I'm going to change my name to Monica and see if I can get a job as an intern for Joe Biden! He's not quite Bill, but I love a smart guy and I'd totally show him my thong.

Weekend Plans - Kerryman tonight with the girls, Oktoberfest tomorrow with TBills and then Sunday Funday. I promise to watch my intake of mimosas and bloody marys, we all know where that got me last Sunday!



kel said...

Do I count as a UT friend? And I really do want to hear your opinions on the economy. That way, when my friends ask me, I can sound smart.

Ms. R said...

I have a lot less than you going on. My list is work, not work read book and eat chocolates. Maybe I need to get a life?

Nilsa S. said...

Oh yeah, our laundry has been piling up, too. It's awful. And the worst part about living with a boy? I think his laundry stinks.

Salt City Mistress said...

@Kel - technically yes, but you're awesome!
@Mrs. R - welcome!
@Nilsa - LOL, I totally remember that smell, can't say that I miss it one bit.

Andy W said...

Well if your tally is correct, I'm one of your two UK readers. Residing in the glorious city of Nottingham. (And no, before you ask, our castle doesn't look *anything* like the one in *that* movie with Kevin and I don't know Robin Hood!)

But 'Hi' back at ya!

Found you via Dooce, Sarahbellum or City Wendy; but can't recall which...

Salt City Mistress said...

@Andy W - Hi there, welcome. Consider me just a little bit bummed that you don't know Robin Hood. He could really help the U.S. economy right now!

Andy W said...

From the UK perspective Bush = the anti-Robin Hood; years of lining his minions' pockets by drawing the poor into debt they can't afford and giving the proceeds to the rich. (And poisoning the rest of the forest while doing so.)

Right now though, we seem to have the comedy Friar Tuck in charge, after dandy and spin-obsessed Will Scarlet-Blair stepped down...

Summer said...

I agree with Kel. I WANT to hear your opinion as I am so not well versed and it would be good to hear your take on things.

Anonymous said...

Hi back from Toronto, Canada! Yep, that makes me on of your Canadian clever of little ole' me to have figured that out! LOL....and it had NOTHING to do with the fact that I'm blond! ;) LOL ;)

Shoes...naughty kitten, NEVER neglect shoes!

Social life...busy is good

Economy and comment, it's not my place to say, even if I DID know what to say! LOL

Have a FANTASTIC day! :)

Princess Pointful said...

I'm one of your Canadian readers. Wee!
And Biden?? Really? I'm all about the democrats, but I just don't see it...

Felicity said...

The conservative, liquor law passing, donate to stop gay marriage State of Utah has taken all our voices away... :) and I think I have had too much wine to form complete sentences.
Pps. I think you rock! Even if we are lazy and can't think of anything cool to post.