Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Adventures in Facebook....part 3 I think

So I did something totally silly and very unlike me last Friday. I saw a familiar face from years ago, make that twenty years ago and I decided to send him a little email on Facebook. Before I get into the present story, I'll give you a little back story.

In my small hometown of Brigham City, there are only two grocery stores, and for as long as I can remember it's always been that way. When I was in my early teen years, I developed a brutal crush on one of the cashiers/baggers at one of the stores who was four years my senior. Without ever saying a word, my mother knew and would make me go to the store, always picking the one my crush worked at, which was further away and more expensive, just so she could see me squirm. You know how mothers are! Being a small town I knew who he was and even after a two year absence (his not mine) I still had a crush at 17, but I figured the four year age difference back then would certainly have negated any mutual crushing! I saw glimpses of him for the next couple of years, then lost all contact. Then all of a sudden who pops up on Facebook? Yep, that's right, which is where our story begins.

So Friday I decided to send the guy a Facebook msg, just saying, "Hey, you probably don't remember me, but 20 years ago I had a major crush on you and well I just thought you might get a laugh out of that." How was I supposed to know he would respond with the following. "Oh yeah, I totally remember you and the crush was mutual!" (paraphrasing) Then we corresponded with different memories of each other throughout the years and lamenting why neither of us had ever asked the other out. When I got home from my SLC trip on Sunday I was catching up with e-mails when he buzzed me on Facebook and we spent the next hour reminiscing and being silly. Now my problem is I can't get him out of my head, old crushes die hard you know. Oh yeah and he lives on the other side of the country, oh and did I mention he's married with kids! Big No-No!

Needless to say I'm all a twitter and crushing again and I am going to channel that twitter-y-ness (word? didn't think so) to the big party for my friend jen-9 this weekend and I'm going to find a crush closer to home...oh yeah and NOT-MARRIED!


kel said...

Dammit, I sooo thought this story was going to end differently. I will try to find you a crush here, as well.

Summer said...

Oh that sucks! Damn the luck! I (unfortunately) know what you are going through!

Anonymous said...

What?! You are from Brigham City?

Me too.


Princess Pointful said...

FB is an odd beast... I've actually found that most of my old crushes have become painfully average. Still, there's some you always wonder about.

Salt City Mistress said...

@Kel - looking for closer not further, but if he's cute I can handle it

@Summer - Sucks huh?

@Mossie - damn small world!

@Princess - True words darlin'! He's still cute, but so very off limits with the whole married/kids thing!

Laura said...

Figures he'd be married. Why can't men stay available until we pick and choose?

Helmey said...

I know that guy... go BE bees!

Salt City Mistress said...

@Helmey - you rock that you know I'm a Bee!