Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting, Schmoting

OK, just kidding, I voted on the first day early voting was allowed in Illinois, so as far as I'm concerned this election needs to be OVER! I have enjoyed reading every one's blogs about voting and their Facebook status comments as well. Considering I knew I was going to be visiting a red state (one of the two reddest!) on election day, I made sure my little BLUE heart voted for my BLUE man in one of the BLUEst states in the USA!

So, I'm not going to blog about voting today. No sir, ladies and gentlemen, I give you this, proof positive that the world is quite possibly coming to a horrible and gaudy end!


Enjoy and I'll say "you're welcome" in advance of the laughter and head shaking I know will be occurring once you read what I have bestowed upon you.



kel said...

Thanks. That makes me feel better about myself.

Nilsa said...

That makes me feel much better about the small fortune we spent on our wedding. At least ours was classy.

Princess Pointful said...

It's like England's version of White trash!!