Monday, November 10, 2008

PIMP Mommy!

In an effort to be more visual, I am going to make a late-year resolution and promise to post more pictures. Let's start with this:

Would anybody in the Great Salt Lake area care for an introduction to this guy?

Besides being one of my favorite people in the whole world and a BFF, he can cook, he is very kind and he knows how to have a good time. Did I mention he can cook!

On my recent trip home to SLC, I stayed at Tommy's amazing house, where he treated me like a queen, cooked for me; some amazing meals I might add, especially the one we had on Wednesday when the power kept going out, coming back on, then going right back out again.

There are a lot of people I miss being away from SLC, and Tommy is one of the people at the top of the list. He's promised to come visit me in a few weeks and I'm hoping this post will guilt trip him into actually making the trip here. It's the Kris Kringle Pub Crawl, which is not unlike the Santa Pub Crawls my friends and I have attended over the years and it sure would be nice to have an old friend to mix with the new ones, plus he has a kick ass elf costume I made for him!


kel said...

I want a kick-ass elf costume! You miss me, too, right?

Salt City Mistress said...

@Kel - of course I missed you. What is UT without you?

@manda said...

umm...He's pretty yummy.
He cooks, you say? :)
That is perfect, because I am PRO at doing dishes!

Summer said...

Tommy is a major sweetheart for sure!

Karen said...

At the risk of sounding creepy, nerdy, or both...

You have very nice eyebrow structure.

Lauren Wang said...


I'm trying to find the details for the Kris Kringle Pub Crawl, and your blog popped up in a search. The website hasn't been updated for some time, and I'm wondering whether you can point me to this year's information. I write for the multiple myeloma blog, The Myeloma Beacon, and can be reached at Thanks much!

Lauren Wang