Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Weekend of Fools Revisited

This past weekend I sort of felt like I was living in the Christmas Story, being visited by idiots and fools from the past, present and hopefully NOT future.

PAST - Does anybody remember this guy? After a much talked about a weekend of celebrating, Sunday was supposed to be a slight recovery day, what it ended up being was a rowdy day at McGee's watching football, drinking way too many ____bombs (you fill in the blank; O, Cherry, Grape, Car, Jager) so I was high on Red Bull, dancing around (basically hopping) to burn off all the caffeine and then running into the douche bag from summer. You remember, the guy who met me and then proceeded to call me 9 times between the hours of 2 and 3 AM! I was on my way outside to grab a nicci fit and he followed me, asked if he could bum a cig and when I said I had only one he said, "That's OK, I'll just share yours." Umm, excuse me, we met briefly four months ago, you called me 9 times in a most unpleasant manner, never called back (thankfully) and then you assume I'm going to let you share my last cig? (I ask you Internet - do I look like "Fool" is it tattooed on my head in ink that everybody else can read but me?) So I said no to the last cig and sharing (ewwwww!) and he proceeds to hang around and ask if I remember him. Which I reply, "Yes, but I was just about to the point of forgetting you, so gee, thanks a lot for being here to remind me!"

PRESENT - Saturday was Jen-9's bday party and it was a smash success, however I was inundated with drunken fools...one of which was actually me! There are two guys here in Chi that have made a point of trying to "connect" with me. When I say "connect" I do mean in the puzzle piece sort of way if you get my meaning, but I'm just not into either one of them. One has a history of getting drunk way too often, then texting inappropriate messages to not only yours truly, but to a couple other ladies I know, the other one I'm just not into. So anyway, I still see them all the time, but Saturday was especially interesting. Both of them made a point of breaking into my conversations, requesting permission from friends to ask if they could have a moment with me, and both of them basically trying to get me to go home with them. I'll combine both conversations into one for you - "Wow, Doni I think you're awesome, let's go fuck!" Yeah, that's about it!

FUTURE - OK, on the crush front, there is nothing new to report here...unfortunately.


kel said...

I have total party envy. I would never be able to drink that much and live to tell about it.

Salt City Mistress said...

@Kel - at least you don't have fool envy...because then I'd be worried about you and I'd have to call for an intervention!

Summer said...

Isn't being a dick magnet so much fun? I love the level of attitude you are able to give them. I typically mumble something unimpressive then think of what I should have said, after the fact.

Helmey said...

so you had a 3some?

Salt City Mistress said...

@Helmey, I would prefer not to look at it that way!

Kristy said...

Wow, so men haven't improved on their single-bar pickups, yet? You'd think by now there'd be some kind of class for single men, or at least a Pickup Lines for Dummies book.

I remember those types of nights many moons ago. One that sticks out in my mind was a guy asking me what my name was. I wasn't interested so I said, "Why don't you guess" to which he replied, "Well you look like a Candy to me." Oy.