Monday, August 18, 2008

Meetings & Greetings

Since moving away from SLC, I have "met" some very interesting and funny people from SLC. I say "met" because except for Sarahbellum, and Amanda, I have not yet met in person, the other Utah folk who read this blog and I theirs. So, because I think you all are very amusing, I would love to meet you and hopefully share a drink with you, I will be at Murphy's Bar & Grille on 200 S Main on Friday night at 8PM, until who knows when. If you're out and about, stop by and say hi! If you know Murphy's it's very low key, but for me it's one of those places where I know everybody (mostly) and they know me...especially the lovely Marley, who will be behind the bar slingin' booze!

In case you don't already read these Utah bloggers, here's a little blogroll:

Reba & Felicity
Miss Kiesha


That one girl, Kiesha said...

I will be next door on Friday night at the Downtown Hooka Lounge, I will be sure to stroll over to Murphy's and say hello!

Summer said...

Oh Hell yeah! I will so be there! I'm looking forward to it. Oh and BTW, guess who else we are both friends with...give up? Mr. Greg Fox! LOL! Small small world.
Thanks for the props too. You rock!

Reba said...

I would love to come and meet you and other bloggers. It's awesome that you are setting this up!

I'm bummed I have a prior committment; I'll definitley catch it next time.

Thanks again!

Felicity said...

Thank you - thank you!! I will try to make it.