Friday, August 1, 2008


So I still need to find a cute pink wig (yes as a matter of fact I did mention that yesterday), but I would settle for a cute white wig. Sarah says she knows a place in Utah where she bought a really cute pink wig. I'm guessing Blue Boutique, since that is the first place I would have looked if I still lived in Utah. In addition I would purchased all my skimpy clothes that I will be wearing to Burning Man there as well. But in the interest of preserving my skin as well as my bank account I decided to make all my costumes this year...along with three costumes for AmyT and a skirt for Linds. Since I am in total control of design and manufacturing of the costumes I decided on pink and/or black for all my evening attire.

My costumes will consist of the following elements:

Pink Fur (eyelash fur with pink leopard print design underneath)
Pink Sequin
Pink Mesh
Black Satin
Pink 4" Fringe
Pink & White ElWire

The shoes are another matter altogether. I have the pink knee-high lace up boots I was wearing during the 2006 motorcycle accident, which would totally work. They are pretty messed up from the accident, but they still look hot. And then...I found these boots at The Alley on Clark. I think I have found my Burning Man Boots for 08!
Update: I promise to post pictures of my outfits when I have them finished.


That one girl, Kiesha said...

Sounds hot! I wish I was going this year. I just got a super cute blue wig at Pibb's Exchange here in Salt Lake for 10 bucks. It's pretty much identical to this one.

Lucy said...

Two words for those boots---

effin awesome!

I hope we get pix of your outfits once you're done with them!

Fiesty Charlie said...

My massage therapist is trying to get me to a Burning Man event. I can never find a babysitter....

I would love to see some pics of you in your soon to be so hot outfit!


In case you don't know... I am an incurable flirt!

Helmey said...

I have that same outfit

Sarah said...

My pink stripper wig comes from Pibbs, too.

Cannot wait to see these pics. As always I'm impressed by your talent. I need some of that. Anyone willing to sell me theirs? Anyone? Anyone? Sigh, I didn't think so.