Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sense & Sensibility

A conversation with a fellow blogger the other day got me to thinking about certain traits we hold in esteem and in which order we rank those traits. It was a discussion about sense(s). The discussion was that I held common sense in much higher regard than fashion sense, since the topic stemmed from me commenting about breaking a cardinal rule of fashion. So I got to thinking about what other senses I held in esteem. I give you my top six:

Common Sense – By far the highest in my six, seems common sense is not so common. I don’t care if you’re valedictorian of your high school, if you don’t know what religion the pope is there is absolutely no hope for you! <--This was an actual question a 17 year-old once asked me.
Sense of Humor – Oooohhhh, total biggie there! If you do not have the ability to laugh at yourself you are doomed to live a sad life, because we’ll all be laughing at you behind your back. Well, maybe not, because chances are if you don’t have a sense of humor, you’re most likely not one of my friends and therefore wouldn’t be anywhere near us so we could laugh at you behind your back. That made sense right?
Street Sense – (i.e. street smarts) Again pretty far up there because you need to be able to find your way around in new situations. For instance what if you get dropped in the middle of an alligator feeding frenzy, you most definitely need to have your wits about you to survive. Hey, it could happen! Just remember to try and not smell like raw chicken, I hear this is essential.
Financial Sense – HUGE, if you can’t manage your money you need to take a class. This is a basic fact of life, money doesn’t make the world go round, but it will buy you a ticket to go around the world. HAHA, ok, that just cracked me up! Seriously, many single women I meet are putting themselves in debt to finance their lifestyles and it seems they are waiting for a guy to come along and pay off their debt. This makes me sad, because well, I work in money and I believe in girl power. Stop charging yourselves to death ladies! Be responsible!
Spidey Sense – Ok I know you can argue that this is just an amplification of your original five senses (scent, taste, touch, sight & hearing), but the web thing would be totally AWESOME! Imagine all the possibilities.
And Lastly,
Fashion Sense – You don’t have to possess the style of Carrie Bradshaw (character not SJP), however, knowing that you SHOULD NOT wear flip-slops with a cocktail dress – priceless!

Of course I have other traits that are mixed in there in varying degrees of esteem; those were just the senses, other traits like honesty, self-regard, intelligence, etc. are certainly more important…I just didn’t know how to make them funny!



Summer Love said...

LOL! Freaking (such a Utah word) awesome! Most of these are on my long list of qualities that a man must posses before I find him worthy...all except the Spidey sense..but I may have to add that now.

Fiesty Charlie said...

5/6 is not horrible right?

The word "fashion" almost makes me run for the hills....

Bayjb said...

I really agree with all your points here. And you're absolutely right in saying that common sense does not come naturally, at all.

"The D" said...

I also think Common sense would include the knowledge of which way to turn a screw to get it off and which way to put it on. Righty tighty (on), Lefty loosey (off).

Also, If you can't laugh at yourself then you have no business laughing at other people. You just don't get to do it, it should be a law!

Street Sense - you have to be able to tell which way is north from any where in the world. Or your FUBAR.

Anonymous said...

Common sence IS a biggy! It amazes me just how many people DON'T seem to have it!

Another biggy to me is Sence of's ok to be on a journey of self discovery/inner being, but on the whole, it's important to 'know' yourself.

Felicity said...

I feel I can claim 5 out of 6. But am totally going to set Spidey Sense as my goal for 2008! As far as fashion sense, don't you find yourself watching people, who don't have it, and saying if only clinton and stacey were around...and for those of you who are saying who the hell is that. Its "What not to wear!" Absolutely funny and terrifying.

Salt City Mistress said...

@Summer - I totally agree with you, my guys must possess at least 75% to even qualify.

@Charlie - 85%, not bad horrible indeed.

@bayjb - truer words my dear.

@The D - sometimes I wish I made all the laws.

@littlemansmom - I totally agree with sense of self, I just felt it was too important to make funny.

@felicity - I think Spidey Sense is an awesome goal for 2008, let me know if you work out the web thingy.