Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm High!

I am having a major rush of endorphins due to the lovely, beautiful, glorious, abundant sunshine streaming through the office windows today!

I have been quite down lately due to the copious amounts of rain we've had lately. Instead of a lovely pair of fall weather chocolate brown suede boots, I had to buy my first pair of rubber rain boots - EVER! Seriously, I was so despondent I cried into my keyboard! OK, not really, but I felt like it. I miss the fall weather in Utah, the trees changing, the crisp nights and the lingering warmth during the day....ahhhhhhh! Instead, I spent a good amount of time on Tuesday night on the Internet searching for cute rubber rain boots! Oh, let me add in size 11! Hey, just because I'm a giant, doesn't mean I should have to be forced to wear ugly rubbers!

I seriously don't know how people in the Pacific Northwest deal with this! It's no wonder it's the home of grunge's fucking depressing! I do agree the country is long as you see it on one of the three sunny days of the year!

All that whining aside, I'm going to enjoy these two days of sunshine, because the rain comes again on Saturday. I guess it will be a good excuse to stay home, sew my Halloween costume and give the abode a thorough cleaning.

*Update: When I receive my boots in the mail, I promise to take a picture of me wearing them, in the rain...which should probably be this weekend, if I'm not curled up in the fetal position on the floor!


Sarah Bellum said...

Are you going to show us the boots or what?

Karen said...

I lived in Seattle for 7 years. It bothered me a little sometimes, but now that I live in the swamp, I'd trade anything to go back to the overcast weather because of the amazingly beautiful scenery.

But I feel you.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear such exuberance over sunshine. I've been loving this warm sunny autumn in Portland, and it has definitely lifted my mood.

While it may be conventional wisdom that the NW gets few sunny days annually, it's simply not true. Sure, the wintertime is gray, but frankly, I'd take that over the mucky air in the Salt Lake Valley any day. At least in Portland when it's sunny it's *sunny* instead of sunshine teasing over the top of a layer of nasty-ass air.

Mmmm, oxygen. Sunshine. Hooray.

kel said...

Okay, I want:

1. A reference for cute rain boots, b/c I desperately need them for the 2 days of non-sunny weather here in SoCal.

2. You to sew me a halloween costume.

If you could get right on that....

Salt City Mistress said...

@Sarah Bellum - as soon as I get them and it rains I will take a picture!

@Karen - point well taken

@Moss - I totally hear ya, no inversion here!

@Kel - 1) - totally cute rain boots. 2) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I can manage a really cute scooter scarf!

Summer said...

Man! That would be tuff. Fall is one of my favorite times of year in Utah. Last weekend it dumped on us and I felt totally down. So strange how much the weather can effect your mood!

"The D" said...

Giant ugly rubbers? What no one has a comment for that? C'mon its soooo easy!

O.k. I'll do it cuz I'm apparently the only dude that comments here.

Giant ugly rubbers? I have the same problem! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Too easy!