Wednesday, October 29, 2008


FUCK! Let me start by saying I had typed this awesome post about how:

{It's Wednesday, Kel has the case of the fuck-its, Summer & Sarah went to a concert without me last night (yeah I know I live in Chicago, but that's not the point), I have no idea how I'm supposed to pack everything I need for my trip to SLC without getting dinged $80 for overweight luggage, I broke the zipper on my favorite pair of black boots this morning and these are the essential black boots I wear with everything in the winter and when I dropped them off at the shoe repair the lady said they wouldn't be ready until Friday and I leave on Friday which means I won't have the essential black boots in SLC and lastly I never found a Random Hot Guy for the Halloween Extravaganza in SLC.

Does anybody think Sarah would mind loaning me Rlo? Maybe Helmey can bring one of his single friends if he has any.}

And then my computer decided to have a case of the fuck-its and crashed! I've decided I need this day to be over, because apparently my computer thinks I'm already on vacation and the two applications I need to use are fighting both each other and me. This has taken all of the wit right out of me.


Apparently on Vacation!


Nilsa said...

Yikes! After reading this, I want your day to be over, too. Soon enough!

Summer said...

Fuck-it. Just get here already!

kel said...

Well.....I told you the Fuck-Its are contagious! If it makes you feel better, i'm mad at Summer and Sarah as well for doing all this stuff without us. And now you'll be going to a party which I wasn't even invited to!

just buy a new pair of boots, it's the least you can do for yourself!

Helmey said...

It ok ladies as I too am excluded from the SLC activities and I’m in the same town which makes it even worse. I’m not one of the girls apparently. SSM I’m sorry but I wouldn’t bring any of my single friends to meet anyone I knew or had any respect for (think your downstairs neighbor-ish). This is assuming I can make it at all considering Summer stole my costume idea. I guess that’s a good thing be it I’ve started to put on my winter coat over the past few months and a Jessica Rabbit costume might not look so hot on Helm…

Fiesty Charlie said...

All I can say is I hope your computer recovers from the "fuck its" soon, because it would be a shame not to hear from you! :{

BTW- did you mail the strips? Have not gotten them as of today, and want to see them already!

Princess Pointful said...

Gah. It's like the computer wants to be one with your bad day!!

Anonymous said...

Broken boots means a shopping adventure...I say take advantage and say fuck-off to the fuck-its!

As for no hot guy...just means you are free and clear to find one once you are there! ;)

Finally...bad computer...bad, bad computer.... LOL

Laura said...

I forgot to breathe when I read your post.

Isn't RLO currently dry humping someone right now? Woah, I have far too much time on my hands.

I hate packing.

Felicity said...

Shop. Truly the only answer! And what about us other cool people in Utah??? Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

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