Friday, October 10, 2008

Walk of Shame

One of the more mundane things I do every morning is walk the one and a half blocks to catch the bus every morning Monday thru Friday. It's usually a very quiet walk through the neighborhood, you see other commuters, people walking dogs and others out for a run. This morning however, I saw something that kept me smiling all the way home.

I was just a few buildings away from my apartment when I saw a girl exiting a taxi. She was very disheveled, wearing skinny jeans, 5 inch strappy stilettos with the straps undone, puffy fur coat only half-way on, layered shirts that were riding half-way up her muffin-top midriff and dragging a small purse. I knew I had to watch this all from behind. I slowed up just a bit so I could watch this catastrophe unfold.

As the girl slammed the taxi door, she toppled over into the wet grass. I helped her up and that is when I noticed her face. She definitely had the OMG-what-did-I-do-last-night make-up thing going on. Mascara and thick black eye-liner smudged all over her eyes, traces of lipstick around her mouth and the tell-tale sign of whisker burn. It was all I could do not to laugh. I picked up her purse handed it to her and grabbed my own purse as she stumbled her way up the sidewalk. As I passed by her building, with her standing in front, I could see she was pushing every button on the intercom panel. I'm assuming either she lost her key, forgot her key, forgot where she lived, was visiting from out of town or maybe that wasn't even her apartment building. The last thing I heard before I turned the corner to catch the bus was "Let me in you bitch, I have to pee?"

I couldn't make this story up if I was trying! It must be a Friday. Just one more reason I love walking in this city. You don't get to witness such human comedy when you drive all the time.


Fiesty Charlie said...

I am glad I am not the only one in the world, that finds humor in human behavior.

Glad you have a smile to start your day!

Anonymous said...


kel said...

Classic. And good for you for using public transportation. Thank you for not contributing to the wastefulness that is America.

Summer said...

Oh the walk of shame. We have all been there. Have you seen this before?

All too appropriate for todays post!

Helmey said...

Its awesome how your portrayed this as some random girl other than yourself…it was most convincing…heee

That one girl, Kiesha said...

Ha! That was me this morning. I was running back to my car from the guy's apartment and a guy walking past me was all 'sup walk of shame?

I about died, then I remembered I had my bra in my hand and was all 'i know right?'

Nilsa S. said...

You know as I'm catching up on your posts with a limited amount of time, THIS is the post in which I will comment! OMG - LOVE that story! Reminds me of a story a friend told me about a girl who was pulled over for a DUI. She was crying to the police officer and overheard saying, "... and then my boyfriend dumped me. And on top of that, the Cubs lost!" My friend and I are both fans of other baseball teams, so this comment cracked us up!