Friday, July 11, 2008

Boys and Metaphors

I am a huge fan of boys. Two of my closest friends are boys and I love them to pieces. But I have come to realize that boys can be classified so many ways that it's hard to be universal, therefore I choose metaphors.

For instance there is the "convenience store" boy - he's the one who is very much like a gas station, it's a great place to fill your car with gas, but you wouldn't want to get your hair and nails done there. He fills a certain need in your life, mostly it's checking under the hood and knowing that your well-tuned, lovely piece of finely-crafted machinery needs high octane fuel and a knowledgeable hand.

There is the "big-box" boy - he can handle all your physical needs when it comes to the lifting, building, fixing and moving sort or needs. You don't worry about getting dressed-up to take a spin around Target, but then again you always love visiting the Target. He's the one who sees you on Saturday morning, when you need help getting rid of the old couch before the new one gets delivered.

There is the "bar" boy - he is much like a bartender, he's the one you pour your drunken heart out to about some other guy who's doing you wrong and though you're positive there is never anything physical going to happen with him, you're quite sure he's still hoping the complete opposite.

These metaphors could go on and on, the only reason I mention all this, is because I don't have any of those boys here! I am hereby setting a goal to find at least one of those boys here in Chicago before the summer is out.

Personally I'm rooting for "Convenience Boy"...mama's engine is running a little hot these days!


@manda said...

LOL I love your blog! Your just oh so wise! :)
I just call mine 'boy'- he does just about everything. He's very handy, I think Ill keep him around for a while.

Girl Interrupted said...

I have one of the "convienience store" boys. I will tell you one thing, I LOVE IT! No strings, no drama. Have fun out there!