Thursday, July 3, 2008

Shimmy and Shake

Last night I attended my “official” first burlesque class, it FUCKING ROCKED, seriously! I have always been intrigued by the burlesque and pin-up girl history which has found a new resurgence among the Rockabilly types as well as maintaining an almost cultural awe among new performers of burlesque. The rich history of feathers, sequins and pasties is filled with the stuff of legend. The act of the tease and humor and eventually parodying sex is what makes burlesque so intriguing. I was finally drawn in by the costuming and celebration to feminine sexuality, and thus I agreed to take a month long class. The ladies in my class vary in color, shape, age and size, but we were all there together, all of us newbies and all of us ready to shimmy and shake.

As I was shimmying and shaking my way across the dance studio last night, I could almost imagine a former life of a burlesque queen. Some people would say I have both the breasts and legs for this genre; I can say I most definitely do not have the ass. Hips – YES! Ass - a resounding NO! When I start to shimmy the top, due to the sheer momentum and force that is generated, the rest of the body has no choice but to follow. While I can ultimately concentrate on the walk (I rock), the bump (hips totally work), the grind (needs a little work) and the shimmy (see above), I will leave the rump shaking to the girls with the junk in the trunk

We’ll see how far I take this, but for now it is light-hearted, giggle-inducing and whole lot of fun.

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Nilsa S. said...

That honestly sounds like a flirty and great way to get in a good workout. Keep us updated!