Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Missing You

It rained last night, it rained HARD last night. Thunder, lightning, literal downpour and it put me in a most decidedly melancholy mood. I tried calling a few friends from back home, but had no luck reaching them. Since I've been away I see myself slipping further and further from their daily lives, which is sad for me, but in all fairness, except the ones I IM throughout the day most of them have slipped from my daily conciousness. Learning a new role in life is always hard, especially at 34 - old dog new tricks and all that.

I miss my friends today.


Helmey said...

It’s my fault…it was such an awesome night I called a meeting…it wont happen again

lindsay said...

why so blue panda bear..?

mcgee said...

thank you for your comment on my blog the other day...i can totally commiserate with you on this one. i was really bummed for quite awhile after we moved all the way out to san francisco from new york. i'd left all of my friends behind, and there was definitely an adjustment period getting used to not being a part of their daily lives.