Sunday, July 13, 2008

Irish Boys and Irish Whiskey

The following post bought to you by numerous Jameson & Cokes...seriously, NUMEROUS!

I had the most fortunate experience of meeting two very funny Irishmen last night at a bar called the Kerryman.  One we'll call the leprechaun on ecstasy the other is a total hottie with puppy dog brown eyes named Johnny.  Anyway, after downing numerous Jameson & Cokes last night, they invited me to an Irish bar for Sunday Funday.  So this morning I showed up at the bar and we watched the Cubs game and traveled throughout Wrigleyville.  Through all this drinking and me missing half of what they were saying (I'm not very good at understanding accents), I fell in lust with the total hottie.  We shared a cab to my apartment, where I promptly fell right back into my teenage years by kissing Puppy Dog Eyes in the back seat of a cab.

I fucking love this city!


Princess Pointful said...

I miss making out rabidly in random places like that. Go you!!

Nilsa S. said...

So, does he count as your Convenience Store boy? heheheh

Doni said...

@Nilsa...not sure yet, but I think I'll call him Demolition Man for the time being.

Bayjb said...

God I love making out with guys in the back of cabs. My friend once was making out and someone tried to get in the cab (because they couldn't see her) and she told her to f*ck off, closed and locked the cab door and continued making out. I love this city.