Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Smaller Me

So being as tall as I am it’s always been pretty easy for me to hide a few pounds gained here and there. Granted, yes I am larger than the average woman, but given how tall I am I’ve always been HWP. So as I’ve gained pounds over the years I don’t really notice too much, but lately I’ve been apparently losing small amounts of weight over time, truly small like probably a pound here, a few ounces there, nothing major. But this last weekend was when I noticed the change, I went shopping for clothes – MAJOR SHOPPING – and as I perused the stores picking out things I wanted to try on I picked up my standard sizes. At the first store I got into the dressing room and everything was bigger and wasn’t fitting properly! Full disclosure - I’m one of those people who if you’re in the dressing room and you need another size, it’s usually the size up and I get too embarrassed to ask, so I just decide I didn’t really like the shirt/skirt/dress/pants anyway rather than ask for the next size.

However, this time I found myself needing the smaller size! You bet your ass I was going to ask for the smaller size. And guess what, they fit. Not kidding you and guess what – it totally made my weekend.

So today I am wearing the hottest outfit I bought, silver pencil skirt, 4” black Nine West heels, short sleeve black button down blouse and black belt. Except for the shoes, everything is a size smaller!

This all totally makes up for the fact that today my hair lost the humidity battle.

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