Monday, June 2, 2008

Weekend Recap

Let’s start off by saying, except for the sudden downpour on Friday night, the weather this weekend was absolutely phenomenal, seriously I couldn’t have asked for better. So that being said, Friday night was a lovely evening; I actually went to the gym and then met up with friends at Matisse. The Material Girl’s mom was/is in town, and I have to say, “Like mother like daughter”. Originally the plan was to meet at KM for John Primer and the blues, that didn’t happen because they got shit-faced; apparently they had been drinking since noon, so they cancelled at the last minute. Oh well, definitely a pattern of behavior developing here. This is why I ended up at Matisse flirting with Pete (no harm no foul).

Saturday was lovely, I started out early in the morning, hit the gym, then decided to walk the neighborhood, I headed up Broadway to Wrigley Field, then went south on Halsted through boystown. Let me tell you, there is nothing like walking into a “toy” store in boystown! Beats any cheesy Vegas store and the Blue Boutique hands down! I walked down to Diversey, then turned back around and walked up Clark to Wrigley Field again and then finally back down Sheffield and hit the Sheffield/Belmont music festival. I got a call from MG and met her and her mom at the Ave Tav and once again they were shit-faced. We made it to Matisse (once again flirting with Pete) and then I called it a night.

Sunday was wonderful! I went to the Cubs game by myself, sat in the bleachers and let twenty-somethings buy me cheap beer. I love the young ones! I then decided to do some shopping, so I headed down to Michigan and did some damage, then caught a movie. I tried to see SATC, alas; it was all sold-out, so I finally saw Indy 4. I made it home in time to get a call from Phillip and then collapse into bed.

Overall a great weekend; besides I need to rest up for my return home. Considering I already have a full schedule while I’m in SLC and it’s still a week away, I have a feeling I’m going to be exhausted when I get home.

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