Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sugar Daddy . Com and MG II

So I just returned home from getting a mani pedi, and let me tell you my toes definitely needed it after last night's volleyball game, but that is not the point of this post.

I had mani pedis with the Material Girl, MG is somebody I've known for a short time, and while I've only known her for a short time I've realized that this is the kind of person who won't ever me a really good friend, but she's good for meeting other people.  The reason I refer to her as MG is because her sole purpose in Chicago is to find guys to pay for things, clothes, dinner, drinks, trips, rent, etc. and putting herself into deep debt to accomplish all of this.  This is why she will never be a close friend.  

So a few weeks ago she meets a girl who lives in her building, this girl is young, cute, bubbly and very much like MG.  These two are not afraid of anything or anybody and this is what brings me to the subject at  Yep the new girl, we'll call her MG II, as far as I can tell, she decided she needs a sugar daddy and signed up on the afore mentioned website.  Apparently she's met a couple of guys and the latest one is flying her to NYC and then they're heading for St Maarten.  MG II is 22 years-old.  Somebody please PLEASE explain to me what would possess somebody do this...besides the obvious of having some rich guy buy you things and take you places.  Is there any other reason, perhaps a logical, sane reason?  

I'm open to any reasons the internet has to provide.  Something that will give me pause before  I totally go judgmental on her ass. 


Anonymous said...

Why would somebody do this? Well, hmm. It may not be *logical* but I'd venture to say that plenty of young thangs (male and female, BTW) believe deep down that their value is planted squarely and exclusviely in their sex appeal. Since sex appeal (generally, ineveitably) fades, those young thangs figure they better capitalize on it as much as possible while they've still got it. I pity those folks because it seems to perpetuate a self-belief that their value is skin-deep.

As for flying off with a relative stranger, perhaps she gets off on the intrigue and adventure?

I don't know.

I have found that judgment is generally a huge waste of energy, though. And feeling superior is perhaps the greatest form of false-consciousness. How have I found this? With PLENTY of practice. Plenty.

But mani-pedis are one of life's pleasures.

Doni said...

@Breathingmoss - very sage advice indeed. TY!