Sunday, June 29, 2008


Ok A) it took me 3 tries to actually log on to my account B) it's PRIDE day in Chicago and C) I am so utterly inebriated it took me forever to function, and I'm just home long enough to pop some Advil and head out again.
A little recap so far: I met my friend Scotty at Ave Tav for brunch, then we chilled while we waited for the others to show up and the parade to start. The parade started at 12:30 and ended at 5:30 and this included two deluges of rain, which surprisingly only added to the hilarity and revelry of the parade. Seriously 4 hours of pride parade and vodka cranberry and I am in a world of messed up. However, I just received a text from MG II and she needs help at Duffy's and so I find myself at home in time to dry off, change clothing and head out again.
Regarding a prior post of MG II, though I may be a slight bit judgemental regarding her trip to the Caribbean, this afternoon made me rethink my opinion of her. Funny how life can throw you a curve ball when you're watching the pride parade.
Note: This guy had the greatest legs!


Princess Pointful said...

I missed the Pride Parade, sadly, though I did make it to the taste of Chicago... too much chaos for me.
I love your city, though!

Nilsa S. said...

So bummed I missed it this year. I've been to it in years past and, well, it's awesome!