Monday, June 16, 2008

Tweaked Knee, Four Painkillers and a Whole Lot of Deadliest Catch

Since I spent a lot of Saturday walking through the River North Arts Festival and then walking approximately 2 miles home after drinking copious amounts of wine at afore mentioned arts festival I woke up on Sunday morning with a swollen and aching left knee. I had my knee cut open and put back together about 9 years ago, but sustained activity can still be cause for pain the day after…not unlike sustained drinking one day, leads to a hangover the next day.

Seeing has how my knee was going to hurt all day, I decided to have a lay-in on Sunday and I parked my knee (and my ass) on the couch, turned on Discovery Channel and much to my surprise was the entire re-broadcasting of the King Crab season of Deadliest Catch. I will admit to being attracted to the blue collar guys in this world, though I mostly date white collar, because we usually run in the same circles. Short of me visiting construction sites and drilling rigs on a regular basis I guess it will remain that way for now. So having an entire afternoon with my favorite guys in Alaska I was considering myself a happy girl. I made a pot of French press coffee, popped a painkiller and arranged the laptop, the pillow for my knee, the fleece for Sage to sleep on and the remote all for easy access from my comfortable viewing location. Needless to say after eight hours, two more painkillers and way too much coffee I was ready to get out of the house.

I ventured to the grocery store long enough to stock up on wine, which was getting precariously low at my house, but considering I can buy wine/liquor at the 7-11 on the corner it’s not that big of a nightmare should I run out. I avoided the sweets/candy aisle; picked up some more essentials and made it home in time to catch Ocean’s Thirteen on HBO and down one more painkiller.

All in all it wasn’t an exciting weekend, because sometimes you have to pay the price one day for fun the day before…which is what hangovers are all about.


Karen said...

My fiance works in the commercial plumbing industry (he never fails to tell people that he lays pipe for a living). Watching him slip into his Dickies and steel toe Doc Martens every morning drives me crazy, so I can relate to the whole blue collar attraction.

Summer said...

Get it big hug? hahahahahaha
okay so not that funny, but I liked it..

Doni said...

@Karen - totally agree

@Summer - THX<-- that is a big THX!