Friday, June 27, 2008

The Young Metrosexual

There are guys who are hot and guys who are cool and then there is the rare breed that combines hot and cool, with a sense of fashion and flair and we get the Metrosexual. These guys are always up on the latest in GQ, Maxim, Stuff and sometimes Vogue, they attract the straight ladies and the gay men and never worry about their masculinity. They sure are pretty to look at.

Every morning Monday thru Thursday, these metro boys enter the bus, with a calm swagger like a cat brushing by your leg, they are usually wearing fashionable suits, carrying a leather briefcase or messenger bag, their shoes are shined, their hair is gelled, the cologne is just right, they are accessorized with the impressive watch and stylish sunglasses and their tie is never contrasting with their shirt. They are the young Mr. Big in training. On Friday these metro boys are usually togged in the latest syle of wide leg denim, with the currently stylish square toed loafers, usually a print button down shirt, cuffs rolled 3 times, always tucked with a belt matching the shoes.

These are the young lawyers, new financial geniuses, newly minted MBAs and I would imagine sometimes they're the new guy, running copy, but knowing the code of: dress to impress. They are smart and they know it. Their bravado, wit and charm will make them wealthy. They are the future ladies and gentlemen...and they spend more on clothing, shoes, hair care, personal hygeine and jewelry than most of us.

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@manda said...

I hate metros! I could never even try to be with someone prettier than me - or who spends more time in front of a mirror!