Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend Recap

Ok, this is going to be quick because I've run out of time and energy.

Friday was nice, I went to my first burlesque class, then went home and had some alone time with the kitty. He's been moody lately, so I decided to give him a little extra "me" time. We snuggled on the couch and watched the entire first season of Californication. love, love, love David Duchovny.

Saturday I got up, went to the gym, came home, did a little light cleaning, had brunch and watched game #2 of the Crosstown Classic at the Ave Tav. Then I met up with some friends and we went to see the Drive By Truckers at the Taste of Randolph and capped it all off with a little club hopping, ending up at Tryst.

# of texts rec'd from friends in SLC - 7 (nice surprise about a possible relocation & jealousy over concert)

# of texts sent to friends in SLC - numerous (3 or 4 to friend about possible relocation, 3 or 4 to friend who hates me but hearts me all at the same time *love you girl* and 1 big one to BFF asking her to move her lovely self to Chicago to save me from stupid girls!)

#of bourbon & diet cokes imbibed - a few, not so much as to get drunk, but I only drink to be friendly. Therefore I drank just enough.

# of shots - a lot, but in my defense I didn't order any of them, I just drank whatever was put in front of me.

# of blocks walked home - ohmyfuckinggodtoomany

Sunday, surprisingly went to the gym, then went to a bbq with the volleyball team and others (the firemen) and watched game #3 of the Crosstown Classic (Cubs won all 3!). Got home in time to snap picture of kitty cat passed out on living room rug (posted below) and then had my own personal Johnny Depp/Orlando Bloom Pirates of the Caribbean marathon.

The End.


Will said...

Hi Doni, thanks for saying hi over at my blog.

Trixieminx said...

live, live, live, live, live, live.